MLB 2K6 Not So Quick Fix

MLB 2K6 for the Xbox 360 had some major league problems several days ago when it was discovered that the game would freeze up for no apparent reason. 2K Sports released an immediate statement apologizing to gamers for any “inconvenience this has caused to your playing experience.” Today, 2K Sports has come up with temporary fixes until a patch for the game is released. The first method involves the complete removal or disabling of your 360 hard drive. Of course, if you didn,t buy the Xbox 360 premium pack which included the hard drive, you have nothing to worry about. The second solution involves loading three different 360 Xbox games to the main screen before loading MLB 2K6. But if you spent all your money to buy the premium package with the hard drive, you probably could only afford two other games. You,ll have to borrow or buy another game to enable the quick fix. On the MLB 2K6 forum, they stated, “2K Sports is still finalizing a solution to alleviate the ‘freeze, issue on Major League Baseball 2k6 for Xbox 360 that some of our consumers are experiencing. We should have a downloadable patch available once it has [been] fully tested to first party compliance standards.” A freeze bug, such as the one found in MLB 2K6, would have been grounds for the game being rejected by “first party compliance standards.” Essentially, what this means is the title, once tested by 2K Sports, should have also gone through rigorous testing by Microsoft quality control. Somewhere along the line, the bug got away from the testing department at 2K Sports and Microsoft. Something is evidently amiss here as not one, but two companies failed to find this serious bug. While it has already been reported about Microsoft,s dissatisfaction with developers who utilize patches for Xbox 360 games, it must be also noted that the final approval for any game to be published must come from Microsoft. The buck, or in this case, the game stops there.


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