Mod DB '07 Editor's Choice Mod of the Year results

ph34r my Paint.NET skillz!A few weeks back the Mod DB Player’s Choice Mod of the Year Award results were finally revealed. Now it’s time for the Mod DB Editor’s to have their say.

This years results are a little different from the norm. According to Mod DB Editor stenchy, "The list focuses on projects that have been pushed to the sidelines in a flood of constant media and news updates, yet merit some of their own time under the spotlight."


Editor’s Choice Best of 2007:

1. Infinity: The Quest for Earth (Prototype Unreleased I-Novae Engine)
2. The Hunted Chronicles (Dark Places Engine)
3. Europe in Ruins (Essence Engine)
4. Flipside (Source Engine)
5. Age of Chivalry (Source Engine)
6. Paranoia (GoldSrc Engine)
7. C&C Generals: Shockwave (SAGE)
8. Eternal Silence (Source Engine)
9. E.Y.E. (Source Engine)
10. Mind (id Tech 4 Engine)

It’s good to see the Mod DB team concentrating on mods that haven’t received as much coverage on the Internet. Infinity: The Quest for Earth and The Hunted Chronicles in particular both look fantastic! It’s also good to note that just under half of the winners were not First Person Shooters, even though some of the engines they are being developed on were designed for First Person Shooters. Variety is the spice of life.

Now it’s over to you, valiant followers of GamerNode, what do you think of the final winners list? Additions? Removals? Comment away!

[via ModDB]


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