Mod DB 2007 Player's Choice Mod of the Year results

ModDB MotYEvery year, thousands upon thousands of mods are released for PC games and for the last 6 years ModDB have been showcasing the best of the best in an event known as the ModDB Mod of the Year Awards.

The Player’s Choice winners of the 2007 awards have just been announced, with the Editor’s Choice winners to be announced in the coming weeks. This year, same as last year, there are three categories — Best Released Mod, Best Unreleased Mod and Best Indie Game.


Best Unreleased Mod:

1. Zombie Panic: Source (Source Engine)
2. Jurassic Park (CryEngine 2)
3. Barney’s Tales (Source Engine)
4. Mechwarrior: Living Legends (CryEngine 2)
5. Operation Black Mesa (Source Engine)

Best Released Mod:

1. Insurgency (Source Engine)
2. Project Reality (BattleField 2)
3. Empires (Source Engine)
4. Forgotten Hope 2 (BattleField 2)
5. Minerva (Source Engine)

Best Indie Games:

1. BSG: Beyond the Red Line (FreeSpace 2 SCP Engine)
2. Red Alert: A Path Beyond (SAGE Engine)
3. Warsow (QFusion Engine)
4. World of Padman (ioQuake3 Engine)
5. Tremulous (id Tech 3)

It’s interesting to note that Black Mesa was ineligible to win the 2007 Best Unreleased Mod Award, as a new rule disallowing more than 2 consecutive wins was introduced with the announcement of the 2007 MotY awards in November of 2007. At least they’ll be eligble for Mod of the Year 2008 ;)

Being a huge fan of the FreeSpace series I just have to say that it’s fantastic that a FreeSpace 2 total conversion has won the best Indie category. FreeSpace 2 is a great game, so I insist you all check it out, as well as the fantastic Beyond the Red Line. Did I mention it’s free?

Congratulations and well done to all of the winners, It’s really great to see so many top-notch mods being made for a both a wide variety of engines and a wide variety of genres. It’s also good to see the mods being recognised, so well done to ModDB and it’s sponsors for running yet another great set of awards and for their continued support of the modding community. PC mods are an important part of PC gaming, and mod developers are an important part of the PC gaming community.

[via ModDB]


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