Modern Warfare 2 killstreaks revealed, nuclear launch detected

Modern Warfare 2

Having the skill and reflexes to score multiple kills in a row within a multiplayer game is cause enough for gamers to celebrate and gloat over their momentum. The original Modern Warfare took this a step further by rewarding players who scored killstreaks with unique items and weapons to employ within the game (such as the infamous helicopter and airstrike). Modern Warfare 2 promises to continue the tradition with 15 additional killstreak awards obtainable after 25 kills — wait, did that just say nuclear?

Apparently, a lucky player at media website managed to snag a copy of the game and record a few multiplayer matches that showcased the various killstreak awards, including the ability to call in a tactical nuclear strike on the enemy team. The potential for ultimate ownage is staggering.

Those who are familiar with Killzone 2‘s multiplayer may scoff at the re-hashed concept of using nukes. But it’s not every day that we’re able to drop a freakin’ megaton bomb in the laps of our enemies.

Still don’t believe us? Check out the video here. While we’re at it, here’s the list of killstreak awards found in the game:

* 3 Kills UAV
* 4 Kills Care Package
* 4 Kills Counter UAV
* 5 Kills Sentry Gun
* 5 Kills Predator Missile
* 6 Kills Precision Airstrike
* 7 Kills Strike
* 7 Kills Attack Heli
* 8 Kills Emergency Airdrop
* 9 Kills Pave Low
* 9 Kills Stealth Bomber
* 11 Kills Chopper Gunner
* 11 Kills AC-130
* 15 Kills EMP
* 25 Kills Tactical Nuke



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