Molyneux feels sorry for Denis Dyack and Too Human

Peter MolyneuxPeter Molyneux knows what it feels like to be chastized for getting a little too excited about his in-development work and making bold claims that don’t quite come to fruition. He even touches lightly on the subject in his upcoming autobiographical essay, How I Promised Too Much For Fable And Made Everyone Hate Me.

That’s why Sir Molyneux is sympathetic toward Denis Dyack and his game, Too Human, which is just under a month away from release. Molyneux says that since Too Human made an underwhelming appearance at a past E3, it has become popular among members of the gaming community to bash the game.

"…what I realize over time is that talking about a game before it’s released is a dangerous game. You can just say a few things wrong and then it’s like an avalanche. I feel sorry for Denis Dyack because you know, I think a few things were said wrong, there was that really unfortunate showing at E3 a few years ago. Everyone got on the bandwagon of saying things about Too Human. Now I’ve played it and, you know, it’s a good game. It doesn’t deserve a lot of that harsh criticism."

He went on to talk about his own experience with Fable, and made sure to plug the sequel, due to arrive in October.

"…I took it really seriously at the end of Fable 1. I kind of apologized at the end of Fable 1 about actually saying things that didn’t end up in the game. I’ve tried to be really, really careful about what I show and I think everything I’ve talked about in Fable 2 you can now play in there, so that was really important."

[via GameDaily]


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