Monolith Studios goes Hog-Wild with New RTS

Four Legs Good. Two Legs Bad. Monolith Studio has announced their new title, Jagged Farm: Birth of a Hero, which will allow gamers to battle the unending sentient swine in a real-time strategy on the playful, cartoon-like Officers engine.

In a shameless Orwell-inspired storyline, pigs have grown wiser, realizing their oppression. Players take on the role of Gluk,Oza: a female heroine who must destroy the piggish pests and secure victory for the bipedal banner. Building pillboxes, minefields, and air-defences, as well as recruiting armies of beavers, bears, moles, and other animals, are just some of the ways players can achieve victory.

The premise is taken from 20th century author George Orwell,s Animal Farm, in which pigs lead the other animals on their farm to rebel against oppressive masters. In a satire on Soviet totalitarianism, the novel follows the animals as they run the farm on their own. The pigs, who have instated themselves as leaders, wind up walking on two legs and replacing their old human ‘dictators., Jagged Farm: Birth of a Hero gives the humans a chance to fight back for what was wrongfully taken.


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