Moore Predicts PS3 Controller Flop

Microsoft vice president Peter Moore has responded to Sony,s decision to add motion sensing technology in favor of the dual-shock mechanism for the PS3 controller.

Moore said in an interview with Eurogamer TV, and said somewhat sarcastically, "At Microsoft we did the same controller six years ago – most people remember that. The gamers’ response was muted at best. We remember it being applicable to flying games in particular and some driving games but overall there was somewhat of a collective yawn from the gaming community about the motion sensing technology."

Moore was also asked what he thought of the expensive price tag of Sony,s PS3, "When I remember the furor we got for 299 and 399 Euros [$382 and $510 USD, respectively], I can only imagine what’s going on back home for 599 Euros [$765 USD] for what looks to me like a platform that’s on a par at best with some of the software we’re showing."

And in a surprising show of graciousness, Moore concluded by saying, "But Sony’s a great company and I’m sure they know what they’re doing, and we’ll see if the gamer reacts accordingly."


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