More Dragon Age 2 content to unlock when demo hits one-million donwloads

A million demo downloads gets you even more content.

When the Dragon Age 2 demo lands on the PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 on February 22, BioWare wants at least a million people to download and play it. They plan to reward the entire community with even more in-game items if that number is met.

Making the announcement today on the Dragon Age 2 website, BioWare stated that if the Dragon Age 2 demo reaches one-million demo downloads and logins before March 1 then all players will get two book items that will each give a benefit in the full game.

The first is "The Far Cliffs of Kirkwall", which details a Blight refugee looking to make a new life in Kirkwall and will give the player money upon reading it. The second is "Lothering’s Lament", another book written by a blight refugee, this time a collection of poems about the life in Ferelden the author left behind, that will give the player an XP boost when read.

These are just two more items to be added to the plethora of content that can be obtained by players in various ways. Completing the demo will get players Hayden’s Razor, a dwarven sword, while playing the Dragon Age: Legends flash game merits five different items.

Anyone who puts in the code they got with a new copy of Dead Space 2 will get the Ser Isaac of Clarke armor. This is all in addition to a sword and shield for pre-orders, the Black Emporium area for all new copies, and the Exiled Prince bonus mission and companion that comes with the Signature Edition of the game.

Dragon Age 2 is set for a March 8 release for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

[Dragon Age II Official Website]


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