My Video Games Live Wish List

Recently, Video Games Live, the orchestra devoted solely to gaming music, announced thirty new shows around the world.

Two of which are coming to my fair city of Philadelphia.

I will be buying my tickets as soon as possible (as should all of you Philadelphian gamers reading this), but it got me thinking: aside from the Halo, Final Fantasy, and other big game franchises, what personal favorites  would I love to hear at such an event? The possibilites are endless, but here’s a couple of definite wants.

Chrono Trigger – Schala


First off, yes, I am aware that the video above is a remix, but it’s a fantastic one, no?

Anyhow, any of the music from Chrono Trigger would be unreal, but I think this song would make my night. I’ve written about ol’ Schala before, but seriously, could this song not hypnotize you into deep relaxation no matter how it’s played? I’m falling asleep while trying to write this as it is….*snore*

HONORABLE MENTION FROM THIS GAME: "Chrono Trigger" and "Delightful Spekkio"

Phoenix Wright – The Fragrance of Dark Coffee (Godot’s Theme)


For being a game about courtroom drama, the Phoenix Wright series is chock-ful of great songs. This one, the theme of the coffed fiend prosecutor known as Godot, is a slow, groovy jazz tune that would sound brilliant live. Now, I know there is an orchestral version of the song that can be found on the Gyakuten Meets Orchestra album, but a recording can only do so much. I’d love to hear this ring through the walls of the Kimmel.

HONORABLE MENTION FROM THIS SERIES: "Guilty Love," "Turnabout Sisters Theme 2007," and "Dick Gumshoe"

Professor Layton Medley Including:

Diabolical Box: Folsense


Diabolical Box – Elysian Box Theme


Curious Village – The Curious Village


Professor Layton is one of those franchises that caught me by surprise. At first I thought it was just another puzzle game a la Brain Age, then I heard from a friend that he was completely hooked. Now, this friend is not the type to play the Brain Age style games, so I turned it on and was blown away. The puzzles are much more difficult than I had expected, the story of the two games is much better than I could have ever imagined, and the music is near brilliant. These three tunes are my favorites from both of the games, but there are more that are quite good. If you like thinking when playing, Professor Layton is your man.

HONORABLE MENTION FROM THIS SERIES: "Puzzle Theme" (same in both games), Curious Village – "Mysterious Girl," Diabolical Box – "The History of the Village"

inFAMOUS – The Truth


I had said last column that this was the top song from the Best Game of ’09 So Far, so it should only make sense that Video Games Live translate this song into orchestral genius. "The Truth" would be perfect as the opening song to the concert: a mysterious and foreboding piece that ends with the lone violin that we all know and love. Imagine being in the room while this song is playing. Wouldn’t you be ready for more?


Mass Effect Medley Including:

Sovereign’s Theme




From The Wreckage


You all knew this was coming. Do I even need to explain? Of course, our website director Eddie told me that when VGL played E3 this year, Mass Effect was part of it. Shouldn’t be too hard to move that sound here to Philly, right?

HONORABLE MENTIONS FROM THIS GAME: The whole damn soundtrack.

Metal Gear Solid 4 – Love Theme


How freakin’ cool would this be? To hear the voice of Jackie Presti (or anyone that sounds like her) sing the haunting Arabic words of the song, while the orchestra plays in the background? To be in that room would send shivers up my spine. If this song does indeed play when VGL comes, I really do think I’ll cry. It’s such a sad song to begin with, but to hear it live could send even the toughest man on Earth into tears. This would make the whole concert, should they play it. 

HONORABLE MENTIONS FROM THIS GAME: "Old Snake" and "Guns of the Patriots"

There you have it. If I hear any of those tunes on October 11th, I’ll be a happy guy. If I hear all of them… well, you’ll be hearing about how an orchestra made an audience member’s head explode. Look for that in the news on October 12th.


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