Nacho Libre Comes to the DS

Majesco has announced that it has signed a deal to obtain the video game rights to the comedy film Nacho Libre.

The film stars the likable Jack Black, who plays a cook in a Mexican orphanage. He dons the attire of a wrestling star during his off hours to raise money for the children. The game for the DS will offer more than 10 playable characters, four game modes, and mini-games played on the DS touch screen. In addition, there will be wireless access with which up to four players can drop kick one another to their hearts desire.

Ken Gold, vice president of marketing for Majesco said, "We’re proud to announce the first Nintendo DS wrestling game for the U.S. and European markets. Nacho Libre is the perfect movie to translate into a handheld experience and our game captures all of the humorous wrestling action from the film."

Movie tie-in games have become thin-ice for game companies as the reputation of these types of games have been less than stellar. Great movies rarely translate into good video games and good movies barely translate into acceptable ones. At the moment, the movie Nacho Libre, is receiving mixed reviews from fans and critics. Majesco, which has found itself in dire straights by registering only $4.6 million in revenue for its fourth quarter as compared to $45.3 million for the previous year, has latched on to the property in hopes that it may body slam its business back into prosperity.


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