NCSOFT Announces New MMO, Blade & Soul

blade and soulIt’s hard not to mention World of Warcraft when a new MMO title is announced. With Wrath of the Lich on the horizon, one has to wonder why anyone would even think about populating the gaming market with another title in the genre Blizzard clearly owns.

Still NCSOFT has announced a new MMORPG titled Blade & Soul, and from what we know so far we can say two very distinct statements; the game is influenced heavily in oriental martial arts, and damn is the game pretty.

NCSOFT is hoping their unique setting will draw players away from the tried and true medieval setting which seems to be populating the majority of current, or up-incoming MMOs.

In addition to this, Blade & Soul will include a dynamic environment which will change based on the gamer’s playstyle as well as randomly morph to create new and exciting experiences. The problem monotonous revisiting of old areas may be crushed by this design choice.

Blade & Soul also promises more exciting battles. Until we see the game in action we will reserve judgment. But if the same amount of effort is being put into the combat as there has been in the visuals then Blade&Soul may carve out a nice niche in the MMO landscape.

[Via N4G]


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