New 360 Dashboard Feature Rumored for Spring Update

Sometimes the inclusion of the simplest of ideas to improve something is the most helpful. Take for instance, the Xbox 360’s dashboard. If you’ve got a game in the drive, and you are on the dashboard doing various chores, the status of the drive merely says, "Play Game" or "Play DVD." You click on the button and your game or movie is loaded. But one thing that the status doesn’t tell you is what game is in the drive. Yes, a small matter, but one that has probably caused countless numbers of wasted minutes to gamers while firing up a game they thought was in the drive, but wasn’t. This proves especially true with households with more than one 360 gamer in residence.

But according to some sleuthing by, this matter may be taken care of with the upcoming spring dashboard update. Larry Hryb, the director of Xbox Live Programming, a.k.a. Major Nelson, has stated that changes will occur regarding "simple things that I’ve been asking for since launch." One of the "simple things" that Hryb has been pushing for is the inclusion of a readout status on the dashboard that tells the gamer what game is in the drive. So just how likely is this feature going to be? According to, they give it a completely arbitrary 84.7% probability of happening.

The feature was apparently planned for the release of the dashboard but was somehow dropped along the way. Earlier screenshots released by Microsoft clearly show that the game status was supposed to be included.


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