New Adventure Game Has No Graphics. Really!

The first computer adventure games were run on old clunky machines which only displayed text, with no graphics. Gamers would move about the world by making decisions on which direction to go and what items to pick up or drop. Other advanced features would allow the adventurer to use items and cast spells. Pretty primitive by today™s standards, but that is how it was in the early days of computing. Copies of the original Adventure game can still be downloaded on the internet. But things have an odd way of coming full circle, and the latest new computer game proves this., located in Liberal, Kansas, (this is not a joke) has announced a clickable link based adventure game that relies solely on the written word, just like the old school days. The story unfolds in a small text box. The idea of navigation is to click on any word in the descriptive text. Each word in the story either takes you to another description of your environment or advances you in the story. The mechanics of moving forward in the story hinges on you clicking on the proper word of words relating to your situation. While the idea sounds very low-tech, the idea behind the adventure is amazingly addictive as you strive to find out more about the adventure. Just where will you go after you enter your red sports car? Why haven™t they removed the mortuary advertisement in the park? The Clink adventure, which was written by Mike Tolar, said of his game, Clink represents an exciting new genre of interactive browser-based content. Players will experience an intriguing mixture of humor, clever plot twists, and intuitive elements of logic and problem solving, all in a unique interactive web page environment. Anyone looking for something enjoyable to read, with an interactive twist, will quickly become a fan of Clink.” For a demo of his game, go to Now, if I can only figure out how to start the red sports car


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