New Call of Duty 3 Map Pack Problems Fire Up Gamers

What’s worse than not being able to download the new Valor Pack maps for Call of Duty 3 on Xbox Live? Downloading the maps and discovering that none of them work. This scenario happened to thousands of Xbox 360 owners as they downloaded the map pack and realized that the software was totally useless.

Some industrious gamers who purchased the pack have reported that deleting the map "Champs" can sometimes free up the program and allow you to unlock the paid content. But the reaction to the glitch has Call of Duty gamers infuriated at Treyarch, the developers of the franchise. The resulting response of disappointed gamers has been swift and direct–they want a fix and they want it fast.

Even before the fiasco started, one COD gamer asked his fellow comrades to boycott the Valor Pack maps. The statement, written on the forums by a member named Cuppa Coffee, said, "Please join me in boycotting the new COD3 map pack when released. I believe our original game will be fixed by Treyarch quicker if we don’t rush to download their new maps for 800 Microsoft points. ($10.00) Join me in taking a stand against giving us a sub par game and then wanting us to download more material from them. Who’s with me?"

AxisOf3vil, part of the Treyarch team, responded to the problems COD 3 gamers were experiencing by posting the following on the Xbox COD 3 forums: "We understand that there are problems with the Valor map pack once it is downloaded – we are working closely with Microsoft on this right now, and we will have the issue resolved as soon as we possibly can. Please hold tight, and I will follow up with an update as soon as we’re closer to a solution."

The Call of Duty franchise has been a success–and according to some gamers–a curse as well, as each title released in the series has had its share of glitches and bugs. While fixes can always be released to address software problems, many are becoming impatient after constantly having to deal with buggy games.


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