New Castlevania trailer makes October 5th seem really far away

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The Hideo Kojima Special Edition Castlevania preview trailer just plopped online. As is the case with anything cinematic that Kojima touches — it is long. Seven minutes is a lot of commitment for a YouTube trailer, but the viewer is rewarded.

The new trailer, or short film as I will be referring to it from now on, shows a lot of story elements from the upcoming Castlevania Lords of Shadow. Multiple characters, multiple vampires and a murdered wife are all revealed here. Apparently there has been a break between this world and the path to heaven, and Gabriel (the player character) is on a path to restore it.

The game has been drawing God of War comparisons from it’s first reveal, and the new trailer really isn’t doing anything to curb those comparisons. It does look like Gabriel could be a far more compelling character than Kratos has been, though. Not much of a feat, considering Kratos is about as interesting as a bipedal death machine, but it is still worth noting.

It looks like Gabriel has a dead wife, a motivation to avenge her and the end of trailer makes it seem says though Gabriel’s goal could get compromised by greedy desire.

Yes, yes, I know I am drawing a lot of character development and perceived story revelations from only a few bits and pieces of dialogue here and there, but there’s a lot to look at in this short film. It’s seven minutes long.

The biggest take away from the trailer though isn’t the graphics, or the story, or the gameplay, or the Kojima sense of humor that pops up in the last second. The biggest revelation, is that Castlevania Lords of Shadow is looking rather phenomenal.

Castlevania Lords of Shadow will be available for the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 on October 5th.


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