New Crackdown content available for download. Yea!

If you’ve played Crackdown on the Xbox 360, you know how satisfying it is to use your Watson Firefly (my favorite weapon) to send a few guided rockets into the cars of gang members – or for real laughs, right at the gang members. Your enjoyment level is just about to increase because Microsoft and Realtime Worlds has announced free and premium (read: costs money) downloadable content from Xbox Live Marketplace. When? Today!

If you go the cheap, free route you’ll be offered:

– New weapons
– New vehicles
– New game modes
– New Achievements (did anyone actually ever find all the orbs?)
– New improved mission time trials
– Replay option so you can play the game through again
– The ability to create ramps, explosives and vehicles anywhere in Pacific City
– A new cheat mode that will allow you to seriously kick butt in the game.

If you can wangle 800 Microsoft Points (about $10) out of your parents, girlfriend/boyfriend or college savings, in addition to the above features, you’ll also be treated to goodies such as:

– Access to the full Crackdown weapons armory
– New co-op game modes
– An Agent "cloaking device"
– Street racing modes
– New rocket launchers and mini guns.
– New proximity mines
– HRX Harpoon gun

CrackdownSmallAnd don’t forget, if you purchased one of the specially marked packages of Crackdown, you’ll also be able to participate in the Halo 3 beta coming May 16.

For the full lowdown on Crackdown, logon to the official site.

[ via xbox360.gamezone]


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