New DC vs Mortal Kombat video, podcast

As E3 and Comic-Con approach, one guilty pleasure I’m looking forward to seeing (and trying, Midway?) in action is the upcoming DC vs Mortal Kombat game. Last night, SpikeTV revealed exclusive gameplay clips and information for the game, showing two new characters, and a sampling of the types of moves some of DC’s finest will be using. (And some that MK’s combatants will use, for those of you curious if your favorite moves will make the cut.)

With the video, we learn several attacks for the DC characters.

Superman: Seismic-toss, ice breath, groundpound, laser eyes
Batman: Boomerang
Flash: Whirlwind spin, teleport (by running off screen one way and returning from the other, basically running around the world)

In addition, there’s a really cool moment where Superman tackles Shang Tsung through a wall. If you want to check it out, you can view the segment on GameTrailers here. Does it make DC vs MK look like the greatest game ever? No, but I’d bet most people want to try it at least once, even if they won’t admit it. (I’m looking at you, Kyle.)

Along with the new video, this past week marked the launch of the MKast, a new weekly podcast by Midway talking about the game and interviewing special guests behind it.You can find it at the Worlds Collide website.


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