New details on MGS: Peace Walker

MGS Peace Walker

Konami has released new gameplay details on the newest entry in the Metal Gear series, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, due out May 27. Among them are the Mother Base, AI Weapons, and new multiplayer details.

First up is the Mother Base offshore plant, which acts as a hub for the player during the course of the game, housing items and captured soldiers. Soldiers who have been captured can be transferred to the base using the Fulton Recovery System. These soldiers have special attributes that can assist Snake as you proceed with his mission. Capturing more soldiers expands the base to add more functions and is also used as a development area to upgrade weapons and create new equipment.

Snake will also have to contend with a new enemy in the AI Weapons. These unmanned weapons, predecessors to the Metal Gears in MGS4, will battle Snake via hovercrafts, airbone vehicles, or tanks. Each AI Weapon will communicate in battle by either speaking or singing using VOCALOID technology. There is no explanation on what this will entail, so it seems Konami is keeping their hand close to the chest.

Lastly, some more multiplayer modes have been revealed. In addition to the four player CO-OPS mode, the game will boast 3-on-3 battle royales. Players will be able to form their team and compete via Ad-Hoc battles. The multiplayer is taking inspiration from Metal Gear Online as well, so a possible perk system and custom characters could be featured.


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