New Details on Wii Fire Emblem Game Revealed

Nintendo announced that a new Fire Emblem RPG strategy game would be available for the Wii at the E3 convention last year in May. First looks at the artwork and game mechanics indicated that the title would continue in the tradition of cel-shaded artwork of Nintendo’s previous game, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance for the GameCube. Little detail has surfaced since the notice from Nintendo, but Famitsu has found out additional details about the new title, which is entitled Fire Emblem: Goddess of Dawn.

According to the report, the game will use the Path of Radiance engine, offering an adventure with 44 levels to play. In comparison, the previous GameCube title in the series only sported 28 levels. The game has three new magic types and weapons, gameplay that will be dependent on a character’s height and geographical location, plus the addition of more cut-scenes and better graphics.

The improved graphics will offer a way to contrast the two game console versions head-to-head, which will help to find out if there is a significant change in quality from the GameCube version as compared with the Wii game.

Goddess of Dawn will be playable with the Wiimote and Nunchuck, GameCube controller, or Classic Nintendo controller. The game is scheduled for release in Japan on February 22. No word has come from Nintendo as to the launch dates for other parts of the world.


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