New DS Model Rumored to be Revealed Next Week

Among Nintendo’s DS community, a certain rumor has been bouncing around for months. The speculation is about a new DS model in the works, and when it will, if ever, be released. The original rumors were based on comments made by Nintendo marketing manager Reggie Fils-Aime, who confirmed that a new DS was on the way sometime in the future. The question as to when “sometime” would be has held DS fans in suspense. It now seems that the release of the new DS, are being confirmed.

According to a leading import retailer, Lik-Sang, of Hong Kong, the new DS model will be unveiled in Japan this coming Monday. An independent Japanese retail store confirmed the reports of a new DS by saying that Nintendo representatives were telling them to get ready for a “major announcement” coming shortly. However, according to GameIndustry, no such reports were given to retails stores in the U.K.

Speculation from our “cousins-across-the-pond” say that the new model won’t appear till the E3 convention in May. If the pieces of the puzzle are put together, a new DS seems viable. First, there is a tremendous shortage of DS machines at this time. If a new DS is in the works, it makes sense that DS inventories of the old model are being cleared out. In other words, the production of the old model is phasing out in favor of the new model. Hence: shortages. Secondly, Nintendo has already redesigned the Game Boy Advance with the Micro and Advance SP models.

Upgrading the DS would be the next logical step in the redefining of Nintendo’s popular line of handheld machines. Critics of the DS have often pointed out that the form factor is clunky and not hi-tech and sleek as the PSP. In fact, some gamers shy away from the DS because of its “toy-like-design.” (Remember the GameCube?) But in spite of the criticisms, the DS has been a blockbuster success with the public. A new redesign of the DS, no doubt, will lure in even greater sales numbers.

Stay tuned to GamerNode for breaking news on the new DS.


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