New Final Fantasy MMORPG Coming to Xbox 360

The Final Fantasy franchise has long been associated with Sony’s PlayStation and PS2, which have been the primary home of the series for the past decade. While the Xbox 360 did receive Final Fantasy XI, it was years after the PS2 and PC versions had been released, and the Gamecube’s Crystal Chronicles title was much different than traditional Final Fantasy games. But in an interview with Pro-G, Square Enix’s Hiromichi Tanaka made comments regarding a new title being developed for the 360.

During a discussion of the DS and general questions about the Final Fantasy games, Tanaka said, "I’m still working on XI as it’s on-going but we are also working on a next-generation MMORPG for 360 and Vista, but PS3 is a possibility."

While it isn’t a dramatic shift in efforts by Square Enix–the next "true" Final Fantasy is being released on the PlayStation 3, after all–it does speak volumes about which console Square Enix sees as having the better online platform. Tanaka’s remark that the "PS3 is a possibility" sounds rather non-committal and emphasizes the long road ahead of Sony to establish the PlayStation Network Platform as a viable alternative to Microsoft’s extremely successful Xbox Live.

With additional reporting by Chris Pereira.


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