New game coming for the…Dreamcast?! Yes

duxA few of us who still own our Dreamcast game consoles still miss all the fun we had on it. Of course the PS2 and Xbox squeezed it out at the time it appeared and its life as a game console was cut short.

In spite of its early demise, games are still being made for it. There’s a new game called DUX coming for the DC and it’ll make its very late debut sometime in August. The game looks like an R-Type clone, so if you don’t mind that, you can get your Dreamcast back in action and relive the DC’s glory days.

According to

"Dux is a sooting game for Sega Dreamcast developed by & KonTechs Ltd. This game combines traditional gameplay with modern shoot ’em up features such as many bullets on-screen and an adequate scoring system. To make advantages of the Dreamcast’s 2D capabilities, the game completely consist out of CGI and features high-resolution with super smooth graphics. Furthermore this game runs region free on NTSC/J/US/PAL systems.

Compatible Devices: Original Pad, Arcade Stick, VGA"

Take a look at the video to see how it’s shaping up.



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