New game tech promises new experiences for GTA IV

gta guyA new game technology named Euphoria by NaturalMotion promises a new gaming experience never before seen in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Rockstar Games president Sam Houser said:

"This is how we always wanted GTA to be, but it simply wasn’t possible until now. And some of the technology that’s gone into this new game, compared to what we had before, it’s shocking."

What Houser is referring to is how Euphoria will allow gamers to see unique key animations and NPC actions based upon their decisions and movement within the game. This is called procedure role animation technology.

"I’ll steal someone’s car and some fist fight’s kicked off, and then suddenly he’ll be chasing me through the street, and I’ll get in position – like, ‘I’m not running from you any more; I’m going to f*cking have it with you now, mate’ – and just as I’m about to crack him, a car comes flying through the shops, runs him over, and he goes flying.

"These tiny little moments happen more per square inch – or per square pixel or whatever – than I ever dreamt possible, and it’s the organic nature of all the elements that have come together, and particularly the procedural animation via the NaturalMotion content, that allow the experience to be unique. There really are lots of ways to play these missions."

While Grand Theft Auto IV will have all of the open ended feeling of previous titles, the inclusion of Euphoria technology will make the game feel more spontaneous when going up against situations that have several solutions. Do you shoot it out with the bad guys, or do you run away, for instance. And even if you run away, your enemies may try to attack you if you’re within range. The possiblilites are enticing.

Will Euphoria really bring euphoria to GTA IV? We’ll all see in just a few more weeks.

[via next-gen]


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