New game: The Black College Xperience

I do love black peopleBy far the most popular video of the day for white males to flip out over is the debut teaser trailer for The Black College Football Xperience. Every single website I’ve seen this video posted on today is followed closely by a sea of angry Caucasians screaming about how this game is racist and ridiculous.

Yes, this is a game that features exclusively HBCU’s (Historically Black Colleges and Universities). Yes, that means that at most, you’ll probably be able to count the number of white folk on one hand. Who the hell cares though? Why does it have to be such an affront to American society that the Black community should have a quiet moment away from it all to celebrate their own culture?

Nobody flips a wig when pieces of other types of media are marketed towards African Americans. Blacksploitation films, Def Comedy Jam, Def Poetry Jam…all of these are things that are not only accepted in American society, but are also often celebrated for their beauty and prowess in the art form they portray.

Even if the game ends up sucking worse than a PS2 launch title, who cares? America is a land of many cultures, and every single one of them should be able to express themselves and celebrate themselves to the fullest degree. We need to learn to let people be who they are.



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