New Gears of War maps available May 3

Gear-heads rejoice! There will be new multiplayer maps available for your precious copy of Gears of War coming May 3. Microsoft and Epic Games is releasing the "Hidden Fronts" map pack. The pack will offer four new areas in which you can do chunking and curb stomps to your hearts delight.

The new game material will be available at 9AM GMT for download on Xbox Live and will cost you 800 Microsoft Points, or $10 — it won’t be free like last time. Well, we all knew that the free ride for Gears maps had to end sometime, but at least it won’t cost an arm and a leg to buy the new maps. But the good news is if you can fasten yourself to a pole and wait until September without playing the new areas, the maps will be free of charge to everyone. Now, where did I put my duct tape…?

What do you get for your hard earned 10 bucks? You’ll get Bullet Marsh and Garden. The former sets you up in a marsh overrun by Kryll while the later puts you in a botanical conservatory that seems to have a problem with too many pesticides in the air. The other two areas, Process and Subway, occur in a subterranean processing plant, (natch) and a subway (double natch).

Get ready to do some active reloads…you’re going to need it.


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