New Kirby game officially announced as Kirby clouds terrorize neighborhoods

kirbyYesterday, Nintendo dropped some pretty obvious hints that a new Kirby game was in the works, telling residents of certain Kirby-named areas to be on the look out. Today, the next installment in the Kirby franchise was officially announced.

Unfortunately for people who hoped otherwise, the new Kirby (Kirby Super Star Ultra) is an upcoming DS game, not a Wii title. Early screenshots and gameplay descriptions make it sound like a traditional Kirby game. To see those, head on over to the new Kirby Super Star Ultra homepage. Perhaps most surprising about the announcement is the game’s release date: September 22. For those who aren’t good at using a calendar, that’s next Monday.

To celebrate the new Kirby title, Nintendo unleashed Kirby-shaped clouds across the US. Look below to see what some of them looked like. (And, in case you care, Nintendo made sure to mention about ninety times that they are made of soap and environmentally friendly.)

Kirby cloud
Kirby cloud


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