New Mass Effect 3 trailer shows off multiplayer

A new trailer showing Mass Effect 3's Special Forces Multiplayer.

The latest trailer for BioWare and EA’s upcoming trilogy-ending, sci-fi epic Mass Effect 3 has placed the focus upon the several races and classes players will have access to in the game’s new Special Forces co-op mode.

Starting with Shepard wrapping up his part of a mission, the trailer shows the commander calling in the “special forces,” a.k.a. the four players taking part in the co-op, to finish the job. A montage then ensues showing the kick-ass abilities of each playable class and race as well as how players can position themselves to flank, surprise, and destroy the Reapers and their monstrous creations.

Essentially all of the main species from the Mass Effect universe will be available to players in Special Forces. This includes human, Turian, Quarian, Salarian, Drell, Asari, and even the vicious Krogan.

For classes, expect many series mainstays like soldier, engineer, vanguard, sentinal, and infiltrator to be present. It also appears that players will be made to choose three abilities from their class to bring with them into a mission, possibly allowing for customization amongst classes.

Other tiny clips in the trailer reveal that the mode will feature cutscenes and its own galaxy map for choosing missions. Both of which imply that players may spend their downtime between missions on a ship similar to the Normandy.

Mass Effect 3 finally arrives on March 6 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

Check out the trailer below.


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