New Ninja Gaiden 2 details

NG2Ninja Gaiden has to be one of the best action adventure titles in gaming history. With relenting difficulty and tight controls, it is safe to say there is no gaming experience quite like Ninja Gaiden.

While Team Ninja has been busy refining the original Ninja Gaiden, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that they have also been focused on creating the next installment as well.

Ninja Gaiden 2 is known, so far, for one thing and one thing only; blood. While the graphics in Ninja Gaiden 2 are very similar to those in Ninja Gaiden Sigma, the amount of red juice blowing out of foes as Ryu slices, kicks, and stabs his way through their ranks is shocking.

It doesn’t help either that the new toys Ryu will use to combat his enemies are even more over-the-top than anything before. Whether it is a new scythe, or arm and hands claws which would make Wolverine jealous, Ryu is armed to the teeth.

Some may be concerned about Ninja Gaiden 2 receiving bad press about it being too violent. While Ninja Gaiden 2 is bloody, it is treated in a way that makes it seem less realistic and more stylized.

Forget the Manhunt 2 comparisons. Deaths aren’t personal vendettas. They are baddass ballets of skill that will leave any Ninja Gaiden or action fan grinning from ear to ear.

[Via Xboxer TV]


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