New Qualcomm display tech imitates butterfly wings

Inspired by NatureQualcomm, a US R&D company specialising in wireless, has announced a new breakthrough display technology that imitates the unique light-bending qualities of butterfly wings.

Known as IMOD, the display technology replicates the unique way in which a butterflys wings reflect light so that specific wavelengths interfere, creating pure and vivid colours. Qualcomm engineers had to utilise biomimetics, the study and imitation of natures processes and structures, in order to create the IMOD display technology.

Qualcomm says the IMOD is appliable to all manner of technologies, raning from watches and phones to computer screens and flat-panel sets. More importantly though, is the claim that IMOD technology is more power efficient than the latest LCDs because ""the display’s high reflectance enables it to make maximum use of ambient light sources. Only in dark environments does it need supplemental lighting–unlike LCD technologies, in which supplemental lighting is the largest consumer of power."

The IMOD display technology is also claimed to be superior to LCD when it comes to viewing conditions, being easily viewable in direct sunlight, unlike current LCD displays. Having a window directly opposite my LCD computer screen at home can often be a pain on sunny days, as even with the blinds down the light that gets in makes the colours very bland and washy. I would certainly be more than happy to test the new IMOD display technology for GamerNode…

For more information on the new IMOD display technology read Qualcomm’s product brochure here.

[via GoodCleanTech]


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