New RPG follows your real-life actions

Do you have a job or daily task that is boring? If so, one game computer expert may have a novel solution to turn the drab and dreary into a possible fun and entertaining experience. His idea is to incorporate your daily actions and have them linked to an RPG style game called Ambient Quest.

Mark Eyles, a former games industry professional and lecturer at the University of Portsmouth in the UK, has developed such a game. The idea revolves around individuals wearing pedometers. These devices count how many steps they take during the day, and for every 300 steps, Ambient Quest makes one move in the PC based game. Participants in the game get involved in typical RPG action such as finding objects, food or battling against monsters to rack up experience points.

Eyles said, "Players’ real actions in the real world affect an avatar in a virtual world. You can either change your actions in the real world to help your avatar, or not." The game will be free to play online and will be available for download in the near future.

There may be other uses for games of this sort besides the entertainment value. Eyles thinks that worker productivity could improve if repetitive jobs were linked to a gaming system. "Imagine a job which involves fairly repetitive actions–for example shelf stacking–that is not so interesting in itself, but [if the actions are game connected] the game actually makes it interesting,"

If this becomes reality, you can finally say to your boss, "I’m not playing games. I’m working here."

[via GameSpot]


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