New UNSC weapons in Halo 4 trailer

A new video for Halo 4 shows off the game’s returning UNSC weapons, as well as a handful of new ones.

The gameplay video shows tantalizing clips of each of the UNSC weapons. The Assault Rifle, Magnum, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Spartan Laser, Battle Rifle, and DMR will all be returning to Halo 4‘s online arenas.

In addition to the returning favorites, the video also shows off three new human weapons. The Sticky Detonator is just that – a remote detonator that sticks to stuff, not quite unlike Halo’s iconic plasma grenades in gun form. A gun that is known only as the Saw appears to be a beefed up Assault Rifle, while the Railgun will require accuracy and a small charge up to shoot.

Check out the accompanying video for some sweet footage of the weapons, and excuse/enjoy the dubstep, depending on your preference.


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Aled has served with distinction as a UNSC Spartan, become a Pokemon master, and saved the kingdom/world/galaxy more times than he can remember. Mixing a passion for gaming with a passion for writing since he was a child, Aled will play anything and everything he can get his hands on. When he isn’t trawling through virtual worlds or pawing at a keyboard to make words happen, he plays Ultimate Frisbee.

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