New Update for Resistance is Here

Earlier this month, word came out that new maps and goodies would be released for Resistance: Fall of Man. Today, an update has been made available, and you’ll be able to download them when you log on to Resistance with your PS3. After the 4-7 minute download, two new multiplayer modes will be available; Team Conversion and Team Assault.

Resistance fans have voiced their disdain over a problem where, during online team matches, many times players will suddenly drop out after a round of play. These gamers either quit or lose their connection before the match is finished, resulting in unbalanced teams. But according to the MyResistance forums, this problem has been addressed with the new update.

"Round balancing can be set "on" or "off" (default: on) when round balancing is on, if the number of players on each team is uneven at the end of the round, players will be moved from the team with to many players to the team with too few players. Parties will not be separated, So its not guaranteed to result in a perfectly balanced teams. Round Balancing is turned "on" for ranked games."

It’s good to see that this first batch of content has been released for free. Hopefully, the next scheduled update in May will see the release of a free map pack.


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