Newly Revealed PC Games: 3/25 to 3/31

This week’s new game revelations include the addition to the mega-popular WWII RTS game Company of Heroes, Acclaim’s top secret project is an online racing game and the next entertainment franchise to be turned into a LEGO video game is Batman.

Jeff Green, the editor-in-chief of Games for Windows: The Official Magazine, revealed on his blog that the magazine’s next issue will reveal the follow-up to Relic Entertainment’s awesome RTS, Company of Heroes. His wording is vague on if the follow-up will be a complete sequel or an expansion pack but he said, "We get to kill more Nazis again!! Yay! Them s***z never gets old, knowhumsayin?" So, we know it’ll at least still be in WWII.

For a while, Acclaim has been keeping a secret about their next project. But according to this website, the game has been revealed to be an online racing game. Other than that, there hasn’t been any other revelations.

Variety reported another deal in the popular, turn-popular-entertainment-franchises into LEGO-based games; this time, it’s LEGO Batman: The Video Game. Warner Bros. will be handling the publishing/marketing aspect while Travellers’ Tales (Lego Star Wars I and II) will be handling the development. Players will don the bat suit and presumably Robin’s suit and the game will make its way to PC and consoles next year.


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