Next Call of Duty game revealed May 1. Near-future Black Ops 2?

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 reveal

Activision’s has been overtaken by a high-tech countdown interface, telling visitors to look for a big franchise reveal during the NBA playoffs on TNT on May 1. The background image for this landing page, as well as a linked video of a quadrotor suubmachine gun, suggest a near-future setting for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

In the Call of Duty franchise’s alternating yearly schedule between developers, 2012 is reserved for Treyarch, the studio behind Call of Duty: Black Ops. It was also Treyarch’s Twitter account that first noted the website’s update yesterday, which happens to feature a background image reminiscent of the cover of Black Ops itself.

Removing the main information panel on the interactive page reveals a number of flashing terminal monitors, each of which can be maximized for further investigation. Some bear only the “CLASSIFIED” stamp, but seven of them state exact dates for when they will “unlock” – one per day for the next seven days, leading to the May 1 announce date.

One screen is especially interesting. It links to an FPS Russia YouTube video that demonstrates an alleged prototype of a flying remote-controlled sentry gun. During the video, the host states, “But if you can’t wait another 15 years, my friends are telling me that this baby might just be in the next Call of Duty game…”

The video also ends with a small note: “A big thank you to my friends the makers of Call of Duty for sponsoring this video.”

So does this mean May 1 will show gamers the next entry in Treyarch’s Black Ops brand of COD games? From where we sit, all signs point to yes. Is that what you’re hoping to see?

[CallofDuty] [Twitter]


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