Next-Gen DVD Players Arriving in March

The proponents of the HD-DVD format aren™t rolling over and playing dead just yet. With the announcement yesterday of Blu-ray movie launch titles from Fox, Sony, Paramount and Lionsgate, Toshiba countered and announced that it will be the first to actually place next-gen DVD players into the hands of consumers. The Toshiba HD-DVD players will be scheduled for release in stores come March 2006. This will put the HD-DVD format ahead of Sony™s planned release of their PS3 game console, which supports the rival Blu-ray technology. Each camp is trying desperately to swing the balance of public opinion in their favor. The competition to grab and establish dominance in the next-gen DVD format wars has taken on a tug-of-war quality where the winner of the match is still too early to declare. Yoshihiro Matsumoto, president of consumer products in America said, “HD DVD represents the future of HD digital video. It gives consumers a clear migration path from DVD.” What Matsumoto is referring to is the capability of HD-DVD players to also have the ability to play present day DVDs. Blu-ray technology, so far, cannot do this. In some good news for HD-DVD supporters, Warner announced the release of HD-DVD movie titles. Ron Sanders, president of home video at Warner said, “Warner Bros. has always been an innovator in home entertainment and is committed to delivering the best experience in any format. With movies and television shows on HD DVD, our customers will be able to enjoy their favorite Warner Bros. programming in stunning high definition. We are pleased to confirm the availability of 24 titles which will enable consumers to start building their high definition libraries.” But there is a downside to the Warner announcement. Warner Bros. is also releasing its movies on Blu-ray, in order to hedge its bets. You know what this reminds me of? Next thing you know, Toshiba and Sony will be arguing over whether it’s “Rabbit Season” or “Duck Season.”


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