Nintendo and Namco Bandai present Mario Kart Arcade Grand Prix DX

File this one under: OMG I NEED THIS IN MY HOUSE!

That’s the mental relegation happening on my end with respect to this Nintendo and Namco Bandai arcade collaboration. The two companies are working together to bring the next Mario Kart arcade cabinet, Mario Kart Arcade Grand Prix DXto Japanese gamers this summer.

The four-seater is going to offer a combination of features found in the most recent 3DS iteration of the franchise, Mario Kart 7, and the unique Gamecube entry, Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, with modes including Grand Prix, Battle Mode, Team Co-Op and Alter Ego Battle. Co-op mode allows two players to ride in the same kart – one driving and one using items – and Alter Ego mode lets players race against ghost drivers carrying other players’ records.

Mario Kart Arcade Grand Prix DX will also feature an additional playable character and themed track from Namco Bandai’s Taiko Drum Master series to complement the game’s “10 redesigned courses” and 100+ usable items, including new additions of a shield to deflect incoming attacks and a glider to take the race – and fight – to the skies.

Just a reminder: my birthday is at the end of the summer. *hint*


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