Nintendo Brags, Sony and Microsoft Lock and Load

Don’t you just love it when the top executives at the big three video game console makers attack one another? Actually, you’re probably a little tired of it and wish they would just shut up and focus on selling consoles. But it wouldn’t be a complete day in the news without a little "he said, she said." Today we’ve got Reggie Fils-Aime, President of Nintendo of America, who talked about Xbox sales in Europe.

Reggie said that the Wii is doing extremely well across Europe, while the "360 is selling well only in one country: UK. Across the rest of Europe, it is not performing well. Wii on the other hand, is selling exceptionally well all through Europe."

Nintendo’s inability to maintain stock of the Wii on store shelves is certainly a problem that another nameless console manufacturer would love to have. In other, completely unrelated news, numerous PlayStation 3s remain unsold at retailers.

Nintendo seems to be absolutely giddy with its dilemma. Last week, European senior marketing director, Laurent Fischer, told–or rather, gloated–about the fact to, saying, "It’s astonishing to think that with six million [units produced] we’re not able to fulfill the initial demand."

We’re not sure if this was an unintentional jab at Sony, who has claimed that it will ship six million units by the end of March, but the Wii’s success must no doubt be frustrating both Sony and Microsoft.


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