Nintendo considering a Wii keyboard

Anyone who has done any web surfing with the Wii knows the amount of time and effort it takes to complete simple tasks such as entering information or sending e-mails. The problem lies with the point and click method of entering info. While the system has the ability to "guess" what your words are by giving you a list of possible choices to choose from as you select from an on-screen keyboard, the process is slow and tedious. But there may be a solution coming from Nintendo soon, in the form of a keyboard add-on for the Wii.

The May edition of Game Informer says, "Nintendo’s development team says that it is considering adding a keyboard peripheral to the system in order to make online surfing easier, but it has not officially announced anything at this time."

If the report is true, it makes perfect sense as the Opera browser, now available on the Wii, is basically being underutilized because of the slow interface of the game console. With the addition of an external keyboard device, it would not only make it easier to surf the web, it would also bring in more advertising and sales dollars as the browser is used more.

How many people will buy such a peripheral? That may be directly related to how much Nintendo plans to charge for the device.

[Game Informer via Wii Fanboy]


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