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Stay tuned…

UPDATE: 20 minutes away!

UPDATE: 10 minutes away! Pumped yet?!?

It is time! Here we go!!!!

8:58 AM: G4 is on, my soda is poured, and I am raring to go. This better be good.

8:59 AM: I officially no longer care about Wiebe Watch. Bring the pain.

9:00 AM: Do it! DO IT NOW!!

9:03 AM:  Nintendo time!!Montage of various happy people playing various Nintendo games.

9:04 AM: Dear God, Cammie is starting it up. Not good.

9:05 AM: Cammie starts it off with what I like to call Corporate Wanking. NPD stats and sales figures. Wee.

9:06 AM: I will admit, my aunt bought a DSi and loves it. She has a point. "Create Surprise." I like that.

9:07 AM: Here coms the plucky plumber! What’d’ya got for me, eh?

9:08 AM: New Super Mario Bros. for the Wii. Hm….. I wanna play in the tree house!

9:09 AM: 4-player co-op Mario Bros?! Sign me up!!!

9:11 AM: Part of me feels that this idea came from the Mushroomy Kingdom stage from Brawl.  Cool ranking system, and awesome hidden area visual. Very exciting stuff, and Nintendo just freakin’ started. Wow.

9:13 AM: Text from my friend Ben: "Big shock, she can’t play games for shit." Lol.

9:14 AM: Wii Fit Plus announcement, and it isn’t last. Thank the freakin’ Lord. Christos: "They’re going to have to pull out some amazing software for this now to top Microsoft’s Natal system. I See you Pikachu 2?"

9:16 AM: New streamlined Wii Fit experience. Plus, I can air-hump a perfect 10 if I want to. Sick.

9:17 AM: REGGGGIIIIEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!  Come on man, give me the good stuff!

9:19 AM: Wii Motion Plus pushing time! I personally think this could be awesome. The Red Steel 2 demo built my confidence on it. MotionPlus montage. Time for chips.

9:21 AM: Good Christos thought: "C’mon Nintendo. ‘You had Milo yesterday… Meet Mario.’" Wii Sports Resort looks a lot better.

9:22 AM: I’d like to point out that we’re almost a half-hour in and there’s been no DSi news. Aw man.

9:23 AM: Wii Sports Resort demo time. Sky dive to Wuhu Island! That looks cool! Is that Mii pissing himself? When does the chute fail?

9:26 AM: Billy boy here isn’t very accurate with his bow and arrow. Sounds like a personal problem.

9:27 AM: Reggie vs Bill in 3-point contest? Kobe and LeBron who? Reggie: "Normally, my game is the inside power game." Shaqtastic.

9:29 AM: Reggie is all about beating up on Bill. I wonder if he’s this brutal to Cammie (He should be).

9:30 AM: And Reggie owns Bill. As expected. Tiger 10 will use Wii MotionPlus. Yay knowing things! I certainly hope the MotionPlus works they want to. Wait, no I don’t. I slice more than a baker in golf man.

9:31 AM: Nintendo just endorsed cursing. That’s hardcore.

9:32 AM: A bit of Corporate Wanking about third-parties, then RPG time. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. September 29 for KH. SICK!

9:35 AM: Bowser sucks. In a good way. Bowser’s Inside Story? This is the most adult Nintendo conference ever. Looks awesome, might convince to finally play the Mario RPG games on the Advance and DS that I’ve been missing. GOLDEN SUN DS!! Excellent!

9:37 AM: The RPG line-up was solid. DSi line-up time! James Patterson is bringing Women’s Murder Club to the DS. The first victim is telling you about it o_0.

9:40 AM: Christos: "What the f*** does Majhong have to do with solvering a murder case?! Oh no, he’s dead. *plays Solitaire*" Cop: The Recruit from Ubisoft, an open-world mystery. We’re knee deep in casual games, which means time for food.

9:43 AM: Christos: "Lol, diversity = pigeonholing women into Wii fit and Imagine titles. Right. Thanks Cammie, you just set feminism back about a hundred years. >.>"

9:44 AM: Sales figures = Corporate Wanking.

9:46 AM: Movie-making on the DSi. Mario vs Donkey Kong 3 allows players to create and submit levels. Special guest character: SackBoy. WarioWare: D.I.Y.  allows for more user-created content. Christos: "DIY = do it yourself. THANKS CAMMIE, YOU’RE A STAR." He’s rather cheeky today, isn’t he?

9:49 AM: Auto-upload photos from the DSi to Facebook. Logical.

9:50 AM: Zelda: Spirit Tracks is playable on the show floor, but no video. Boo.

9:51 AM: I now hate any type of montage, unless it’s a montage in a trailer. Jesus. My buddy Dan: "That was a lot of words to say ‘Brain Age."

9:52 AM: Iwata takes the stages, bringing broken English and a sick haircut with him.

9:53 AM: Tell me that they brought Iwata out just for some Corporate Wanking. Damn it.

9:54 AM: Christos: "In Japan, we now have ten rape titles for the Wii and DS alone. The MotionPlus can only further our new direction in the games industry."

9:55 AM: G4’s tab of Wiebe Watch actually made Iwata more interesting.

9:57 AM: Iwata’s not wrapping things up, is he? I sure hope not.

9:58 AM: Wii Vitality Sensor? The hell is this? Weird, yet strangely appealing. Lie detector game? If so, Maury Povich: The Game is first out the door.

10:00 AM: Interesting, and now here’s Cammie again. Don’t disappoint me…

10:01 AM: Super Mario Galaxy 2!!!!!!!!!! That looks awesome!! Thank God! 

10:04 AM: Reggie, stop teasing. Third-party time: The Conduit looks awesome. Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles looks like a much better take on the Umbrella Chronicies idea. Dead Space: Extraction is one of my most-anticipated games.

10:08 AM: What about Nintendo? METROID: OTHER M co-developed by TEAM NINJA?!!?!?!! GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE?!?!?!?

10:12 AM: The AIM conversation between Christos and myself now looks like this: "Efbrivbewivbreiveiv" "efbuervbiwecbihrvbie" "jerijbverhjveMETROID" "eifniwewiOTHER M."

10:13 AM: No Zelda, but Team Ninja Metroid? Super Mario Galaxy 2? Nintendo showed some firepower today, thank the Lord. Alright, break time. See you during Sony!


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