Nintendo issues free Wii Remote Jacket

Wiimote JacketWhat will Nintendo think up next in order to avoid flying Wiimotes, broken television screens, and head injuries? Their latest remedy to this problem, following the original wrist strap and the heavy duty wrist strap, is the Wii Remote Jacket.

This nifty little accessory is a silicon sleeve that fits over the Wiimote, allowing access to all the buttons, the nunchuk port, the infrared pointer, and of course the wrist strap (which I happen to keep safely rolled up and stored inside my Wii box in the closet).

The best part of this story is that Nintendo is giving these things away for free, so even if you’re not 100% interested, you might as well head over to Nintendo’s website, type in your Wii’s serial number, and order up to four of them. Alternatively, you can call 1-866-431-8367 to do things the old-fashioned way. In either case, my personal motto "if it’s free, it’s me" applies.

The jacket will come bundled with new Wii consoles, Wii Play, and standalone Wii remotes beginning October 15th, although retailers will be receiving new product between now and then. Wii Remote Jackets specially-ordered online or over the phone will also ship the week of the 15th.


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