Nintendo Loves Friend Codes, And So Should You

I hope Nintendo fans love entering numbers. In an interview with GameSpy today, the Nintendo-Revolution blogspot has revealed that Nintendo’s online gaming service will require individual friend codes for each and every title. Unified friends lists are absolutely not coming to the Wii.

GameSpy has been announced as the provider of tools for the Nintendo Wii’s online service, and is as reliable a source as any. A part of the interview reads:

"GameSpy: GameSpy’s technology does allow for features that could span multiple games. With the Nintendo Wii, however, the multiplayer features are title-specific.

Falafelkid: But is that the case for all Wii online titles across the board?

GameSpy: Yes, that is the case for Wii titles.

Falafelkid: Just one last question to make absolutely sure I have got this right, please. If I have a friend roster in one game, that roster will not be available to me in any other game. I have to build up an entirely new list for each title, right?

GameSpy: The answer to your question is yes, for the Wii friend lists are game specific."

The first announced game to take advantage of the Wii’s online service is Pokemon Battle Revolution, arriving early this summer. You better get that notepad ready if you plan on making a presence in all of Nintendo’s multiplayer games. Somewhere out there, a little bit of reason just died.


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