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This is Brendon. Apparently Nintendo decided to not have wifi in their press conference. So if you’d like to follow Eddie’s live coverage, check out his twitter, http:/ In the meantime, Kyle will be watching the stream and Eddie’s twitter from the convention center to update this page.

UPDATE: 9:38AM Kyle here. Got wifi and ready to get rollin’.

9am: still nobody on stage

9:05: curtains up. Video of people enjoying Nintendo products. Cammie Dunaway on stage.

9:08: she told up a story about her failed snowboarding adventure. Introduces Shaun White and SW Snowboarding from Ubisoft. Balance b

9:11 Doesn’t look half bad. Coming by year’s end

9: 13: Satoru Iwata on stage

9:15 Talking about paradigm shift in gaming over past few years

9 16 Talking about how Nintendo games sell over longer time periods

9 17 Grandmas on screen. Talking about how the market has expanded

9 19 Nintendo selling like holiday season year round. Guitar Hero three selling best on Wii

9 20 Takes jab at copycat products

9 22 Animal Crossing: City Folk on screen

9 23 Has added communication features. Send messages to other Wii systems, pcs, and phones

9 26 Wii Speak revealed. Mic for a whole room of players. Online multiplayer voice chat

9 27 Reggie on stage. Reminds us that the DS and Pokemon print money

9 32 talking about "evergreen" titles again. New Nintendo buzzword?

9 34 approaching gaming on multiple fronts.

Talks about success of third party software on Wii

9 36 Star Wars: Clone Wars, Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party, and Call of Duty: World at War on screen

9 41 showing new Guitar Hero On Tour Decades and Spore Creatures for DS

9 43 GH Decades has song sharing between versions

9 44 New Pokemon and GTA Chinatown Wars announced for DS

9 46 Adding function to DS. Flights sports recipes etc

9 47 Wii Motion Plus, Wii Sports Resort announced

9:56 WSR is all about beach sports. Cammie throws frisbee to dog. Reggie rides jet ski. The two swordfight/joust.

9 54 new game this holiday….dude drumming his ASS off on stag.

9 58 Miyamoto joins on sax. Game is Wii Music. (Kyle says: "OH EM GEE")

10 01 Looks fun. Competition for other music games. Not a rhythm game (Kyle says: "Music creation, the next big thing in gaming?")

10 03 Users press buttons, move body, and maneuver Wii remote to play over 50 instruments. (Kyle says: "Crossing my fingers for the harmonica and the kazoo.")

10 04 All real time sound production and one to one gestures. (Kyle says: "Recording? Filters? Sync with KORG DS?")

10 05 Wii music records music videos. Six people playing Mario tune on stage together no. (Kyle: Wait, six people? More than 4 per system? Online play?)

10 07 Reggie and Cammie back on stage to recap. "Wii is not a fad" Nintendo continuing to advance.

10 09 show’s over  (Kyle: "Megaton? Not really, but Nintendo doesn’t need one.")


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