Nintendo responds to fake Wii conspiracy story

Uncle ScamSuspicious onlookers everywhere are crying "conspiracy!" at Nintendo, accusing them of feeding the media with stories faking the hype about the demand for the Wii console. Ok, so this is no Kennedy assassination, but it’s still a big deal. Big enough to piss off Nintendo.

The cause of the rumor began when two UK newspapers ran identical articles about families paying over the odds (a quaint way of saying over paid) for the Wii. Maxconsole immediately ate this up and suggested that it was no coincidence and that Nintendo could have injected it’s own rumors to both publications to boost the demand of the Wii.

Nintendo defends itself by saying "…there is absolutely no truth whatsoever in what they have written, it is totally unsubstantiated and merely rumour that they are reporting as fact. We are certainly NOT distributing any press release to feed media with demand stories – we never have."

Sound’s a lot like "I did NOT have sex with Monica Lewinski." But in all seriousness, it’s a little unfair to make accusations based on a duplicate story. Click around the internet and you’ll find the same stories in 5 different places. Hell, click on the source link below and you’ll see the same story there. It’s bogus to make statements of conspiracy based upon that.

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