Nintendo Starts Replacement Campaign for Defective Wii Straps

Nintendo has acknowledged that reports regarding faulty controller wrist straps on the Wiimote are true and that the company is taking measures to solve the problem. The incidents of broken wrist straps are related to the thin cord securing the controller to the user’s wrist. During gameplay, when extreme movements of the arm and wrist can become commonplace, some gamers inadvertently let go of the Wiimote. The security straps prevent the unit from flying off, but incidents of strap failure have been reported, causing damage to televisions, surrounding objects and, in some cases, minor injuries.

A voluntary replacement program has been enacted by Nintendo, which is offering stronger replacement cords to Wii owners. Approximately 3.2 million straps are affected and the total cost of replacing them could cost Nintendo millions of dollars, according to AP reports.

Some incidents of flying Wiimotes may be due to user error. Each Wii game title specifically warns gamers to attach the strap to his or her wrist, but that hasn’t stopped Wiimotes from going airborne during heated gameplay. While some users opt to not wear the strap at all, others who do may not have tightened it properly. Regardless of the cause, Nintendo is holding their collective breaths, and is hoping that these stories of Wiimotes damaging property will finally be laid to rest.

The new units will begin shipping sometime during the week of December 21. Wii owners who wish to receive the stronger wrist straps can visit Nintendo’s official web site and request up to four replacements, free of charge.


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