Nintendo triumphs over Sony as leader of game sales

nintendologoAccording to GamePro, Nintendo finally triumphed over rival Sony as the leader in video game sales during their Q3 2007.

While Sony accumulated over $1 billion in game sales for the PS3, PS2 and PSP combined, Nintendo sneaked its way past with $1.2 billion in game sales for the Wii and DS.

So how did Nintendo nab the #1 spot? One reason is that Sony was simply too sluggish in enacting a price drop for its PS3, therefore eager gamers just naturally flocked to its rivals in order to get their gaming fix.

The report said, "Because Sony was slow to reduce the price of the PlayStation 3 and to produce compelling games, third-party game publishers are flocking to other platforms. If the PlayStation 3 can’t promote more game sales, developers may begin to feel working with Nintendo outweighs the benefits of working with Sony."

This news marks the first time that Nintendo hit #1 again since the mid-1990s during the PS1 and Nintendo 64 craze.

Ah, I remember the golden days of gaming.


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