Nintendo Wants Your Votes on the Wii

Nintendo has decided that it wants your opinions on some earth-shaking topics, like as whether you have a preference for dogs or cats, if you’d rather stay home to relax or go out and party, or whether you’d prefer to live in the 19th or 22nd century. While these questions aren’t going to alter the fate of Nintendo–or anyone or anything, for that matter–they’re only part of a series of polls that will appear on a new Wii Channel called "Everybody Votes."

The new voting channel will contain ongoing polls in which Wii owners can participate. The questions are simple and allow the Wii community to express their personal views and likes about non-controversial issues regarding lifestyles, preferences, and opinions. A Valentine’s Day poll on the voting channel asks the question, "Which is a more romantic Valentine’s gift?" and offers two choices; chocolates or roses. Each poll gives the user a choice between only two answers.

Casting a vote is done by moving your Mii to the left or right of a voting screen that shows the two choices. Votes are tallied nationally and from around the world, and the final tallies are revealed after the polls close. Individuals are also offered a chance to predict the outcome of the voting.

Other features of the new Wii channel include allowing voters to suggest polling questions, participate in worldwide polls, and see the results of previous polling activities. The new Everybody Votes channel is a free download from the Wii Store and may require users to update their system software before being able to vote or download the program.

The new channel may seem inane to some, but it’s a step by Nintendo towards build up the Wii community through encouraging Wii owners from around the globe to participate and get to know one another.


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