NMA's Fallout 3 Preview is the best yet

As you may recall, back in E3 I wrote up what was (at the time) the most detailed preview yet of Fallout 3; of the preview build shown to the press, at least. Like most cult games, though, the Fallout fans loved or hated it. I found myself replying to all the questions and remarks on No Mutants Allowed, and before I knew it the guys running that site became good friends of mine.

That’s why I was so happy to help them get in to see the Fallout 3 preview at the GC in Leipzig, and get a chance to ask Pete Hines as people who know more about the Fallout series than anyone outside of the original development team. The result? A very, very nice write-up and an informative Q&A. If you’re looking forward to Fallout 3 at all, head on over and read it. (Also, look soon for some stuff on GN from the GC courtesy of Brother None.)

Am I upset they’re taking the title of "Most detailed Fallout 3 preview write-up" from me? Nah. Let Brother None and SuAside deal with all the negative responses from now on. Besides, my anthropologist-side missed going against The Man.

(PS, sorry Pete, but if I gave you any warning that guys from NMA were coming that would have upset the whole plan. Maybe having them say that you’re actually a really nice guy will make some of the fanatics leave you alone, though.)



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