No dedicated server support for Modern Warfare 2 PC


Hot on the heels of the announcement that Modern Warfare 2 will not be delayed on the PC, Infinity Ward dropped another bombshell on the MW2 PC community. On the podcast of Call of Duty fansite Bash and Slash, Robert Bowling revealed that there will be no dedicated server support in the game. Instead, the game will rely on Infinity Ward’s server tech entitled IWNet, which won’t allow users to host their own servers.

While automated matchmaking is pretty standard for consoles, hardcore PC gamers usually flock to their own servers or servers that they frequent with their friends. Dedicated servers also allow custom maps and modes, which is both standard and a big benefit for PC users. It’ll be interesting to see how PC gamers react to the game now that they are shut out of the multiplayer mods and custom rankings that they have become accustomed to when playing online shooters. Will they protest, or will they embrace Infinity Ward’s matchmaking system?



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