No DLC for Heavenly Sword?

heavenlyswordwootAs I’m sure most of us have done already, we’ve gone ape over Heavenly Sword. But my question is, how much carnage and over-the-top action sequences can you cram into one PS3 game and not have it flake out only after a few hours of gameplay? In other words, how much replayability will Heavenly Sword have?

While the rumored Heavenly Sword trilogy is still on the back-burner, the game won’t be getting any downloadable content, according to PSU.

When speaking with Nina Kristensen, co-founder of Ninja Theory, about any removed content due to time constraints during the game’s production, she mentioned that they had to cut planned DLC.

"We would have loved to do downloadable content but when we sat down and thought hard about where our efforts should go, it became very clear very quickly that we should put all our focus into the single player offline experience and make that as good as we possibly could."

Ouch, that’ll certainly hurt the game’s replayability. There could be the chance of DLC popping up if the game does well, but as of now, there’s nothing stopping you from breezing through the game and placing it back on the shelf.


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