No Halo 3 online co-op? Say it ain't so!

halo 3 chiefAccording to the latest issue of EGM, Bungie is struggling with problems regarding online co-op for Halo 3 and may give the gameplay mode the axe.

While it’s possible that a future patch may add the co-op functionality, it looks like the dreams of four-player Live co-op will stay on the drawing boards.

Bungie’s Frank O’Conner stated, "We’re not dumb. We know that people want it and we’re trying to make it happen. I think the biggest problem for us for online co-op is that we have a situation where you can be in a Warthog with five troops, almost a mile away from the other player. That’s a significant challenge. And there’s lots of design things you could do to prevent that from happening, but they would make it not feel like Halo anymore. If we can make it happen in a way that works well, we will – and if it works badly, we won’t."

The same issue of EGM also revealed a few more details about the game, including gear, weapons and vehicles. New gear includes the Flare (a flashbang) while new weapons include the Mauler (dual wieldable Brute shotgun), the Gravity Hammer (vehicle punter) and the Regenerator (opposite of the power drainer).

As for vehicles, the issue talked about the Prowler, Hornet and Elephant. Lastly, the multiplayer map remake of Lockout was newly dubbed as Guardian.

[Via CVG]


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